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Understand how you need to be found.

Customers contact you in a variety of ways phone, email or just walking in your door. To make it easier for them you need to have a simple online find profile.

A find profile provides you with a straight forward way of managing your business contacts locally.

Understand how you can set up your profile


You need to define what is important.

Most business use some form of contact. You need to understand how you want people to engage with you or not.

Understand the resources you need..

Phone, Email, Social Messaging, Online Ordering and Payment are just some of the resources you may need to have place for a successful local business.

 Constant monitoring of your Find Profile

To maintain a sensible cost and standard message for the business, it is recommended to have this profile managed centrally.

A multi-faceted find profile provides with targeted reach to your local customers. 

Steps Required

Best in Class User Experience.

We take care of all your requirements, provide constructive suggestions and provide the best inĀ  class user experience.

Get customers to order online and pay online.

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Promote your locality.

Local people use local services.  

Simple display of offerings.

Show your products easily and simply.

Rework your procedures

Understand what you need to increase business revenue

Sales Reports and Analysis

Monthly Reports help plan your next step.

Online Payment of Services

Debit Credit card payments through a variety of means. 

Print Orders Automatically

Just Receive orders on a printer where you need them.

Simple payment methods.

We have integrated worldclass payment method for you. Easy to use and manage your all payment things.
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